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SEED-SCALE – Community Change Available to All

In 1992, I had the huge privilege of co-chairing a small UNICEF task force; my co-chair was my father, Carl E. Taylor. Sharing such with one’s family is always a privilege, but this is especially so as this “family business” has now extended across four generations as I have worked in this with my grandparents and now do so with my children.

That first small UNICEF task force has evolved into a very big idea. SEED-SCALE. This is a universal process that allows communities to shape locally site-specific solutions, using resources and connections that each community has. For any community, life can be more just and lasting. SEED-SCALE action can turn events already underway in positive directions.


More detail with explanation is found in books on this website, especially Empowerment on an Unstable Planet: From Seeds of Human Energy to a Scale of Global Change (New York: Oxford University Press, 2012). This book develops the theory. Another book gives the method plus case studies: Just and Lasting Change: When Communities Own Their Futures, 2nd Edition (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2016)

Beyond these resources on SEED-SCALE there is an interactive website: Also available to explain the approach are the videos below.

The Big Idea

Where to Start: Growing the Good

How to Do It: Improving Our Lives

How to Stay On Track with Where You Want to Go

What is Possible: Taking Change to Big Scale

Origins of SEED-SCALE