Mount Everest Guide to Off-road Driving

2014 - This short book is becoming a best seller. It recounts Daniel's experiences driving around Mount Everest, across the Tibetan Plateau, and in numerous harrowing off-road contexts. With experienced detail, instructions are given for how to repair the most improbable (and apparently impossible) of motor breakdowns, how to survive an avalanche swarming over one's car, even how to drive on rainy roads. Illustrated with hard-to-believe photographs, they give proof that Daniel has "been there, done that" ... yes, including driving four-wheel drive on Mt Everest itself.

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It is possible to drive to the base of Mt Everest -- I have so driven over one hundred times while leading the international team that set aside this mountain and the six million acres around as a national park. But what might happen on the way? This book tells you how to deal with those surprises. Broken crank case? Bandits? Avalanche overwhelming your car? What to do if you hit a yak? And, once you leave the Everest area, what is it like to drive through the rest of the Himalaya ... from India to Afghanistan? This book has stories about that also. And, if the stories are hard to believe, the photographs in the book add stark proof that you will be having a splendid adventure. The book is dedicated to Dan Terry -- one of the truly great Himalayan drivers -- who was brutally and tragically assassinated by terrorists while leading a medical team up out of a ford in a river just south of the magnificent Wakhan Corridor in Afghanistan.

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Daniel C. Taylor

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