A Novel of Tibet

2011 Revised, 1st Edition 2010 - Based on Daniel's 45 trips to the Tibet Autonomous Region from 1985 to the present, with fieldwork in every prefecture, this book presents in fictional format evidence Daniel has gathered from this extensive field research. The book describes the lives of two fictional characters who live near the base of Mt Everest, fall in love, then become separated with the man living as a refugee in Nepal and India and the woman remaining in Tibet. The narrative traces the experiences of Tibetans living in these two very different contexts across two decades. Then, this being a romantic novel, they re-unite, and then for ten years work together back in Tibet to advance the quality of village life and also the environment. The book is published by a private press: For Words Press.

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The real Tibet. The love of boy & girl, the majesty of Mt Everest and towering peaks, a lost treasure now guarded by lepers, life's challenges after China's entry into Tibet, the alienation of being a Tibetan refugee, and a possible way the Dalai Lama can now return to his homeland. A fast-moving novel with exquisite detail (and photographs) about the culture, nature, and politics of Tibet's recent past.

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Daniel C. Taylor

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