New Book From Daniel C. Taylor

(Oxford University Press, 2017) This story traces an arc from my boyhood in the Himalaya, chasing monkeys from my toys, through launching two national parks surrounding Mount Everest. What con- nects monkeys chased from toys and national parks around Mount Everest is the Yeti.
  • Empowerment on an Unstable Planet

    Empowerment on an Unstable Planet
    From Seeds of Human Energy to a Scale of Global Change

    (Oxford University Press, 2012) advances the thesis that the most effective and universal foundation for social change and environmental restoration is not money, but human energy. The approach is termed SEED-SCALE.

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  • Just & Lasting Change

    Just & Lasting Change
    When Communities Own Their Futures

    (Johns Hopkins University Press - 2nd Edition 2016) is a comprehensive guide to transforming communities rapidly and in locally appropriate ways. The book presents a theory, illustrates and supports the theory with extensive case studies drawn from a century of experience around-the-world, then presents two handbooks outlining how to implement the SEED-SCALE approach.

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  • Across the Tibetan Plateau

    Book is published in English, Chinese, & Tibetan languages

    Across the Tibetan Plateau
    Ecosystems, Wildlife, and Conservation

    (W.W. Norton, 2007), (With a Foreword by Jimmy Carter) contains photographs primarily taken by Daniel. This book presents a unique view across the Tibetan Autonomous Region of China, visiting all prefectures with a focus on the extraordinary natural wealth of this highest part of planet Earth, extending down to low altitude (1,500 feet) tropical jungles at the bottom of the world's deepest valleys. With 18 nature preserves now, many as national parks, 44% of the land area of Tibet is now permanently protected.

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  • CAIRNS, A Novel of Tibet

    CAIRNS, A Novel of Tibet

    2011 Revised, 1st Edition 2010 - Based on Daniel's 45 trips to the Tibet Autonomous Region from 1985 to the present, with fieldwork in every prefecture, this book presents in fictional format evidence Daniel has gathered from this extensive field research. The book describes the lives of two fictional characters who live near the base of Mt Everest, fall in love, then become separated with the man living as a refugee in Nepal and India and the woman remaining in Tibet. The narrative traces the experiences of Tibetans living in these two very different contexts across two decades. Then, this being a romantic novel, they re-unite, and then for ten years work together back in Tibet to advance the quality of village life and also the environment. The book is published by a private press: For Words Press.

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  • Mount Everest Guide to Off-road Driving

    Mount Everest Guide to Off-road Driving

    2014 - This short book is becoming a best seller. It recounts Daniel's experiences driving around Mount Everest, across the Tibetan Plateau, and in numerous harrowing off-road contexts. With experienced detail, instructions are given for how to repair the most improbable (and apparently impossible) of motor breakdowns, how to survive an avalanche swarming over one's car, even how to drive on rainy roads. Illustrated with hard-to-believe photographs, they give proof that Daniel has "been there, done that" ... yes, including driving four-wheel drive on Mt Everest itself.

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  • Something Hidden Behind the Ranges

    Something Hidden Behind the Ranges

    (Mercury House 1st edition 2000) This book mixes travel, adventure, and nature writing in a gripping tale of the Himalaya, its peoples and its ecosystem. With humor and insight into the changing world of the Himalayan wilderness.

  • Community Based Sustainable Human Development

    Community Based Sustainable Human Development

    This monograph serves as an overview of the development and original implementation of the SEED-SCALE method and contributes important insights to the ongoing discourse on sustainable human development.